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How to Design and Develop Information Security Management Systems

Course fee: £550 + VAT

Birmingham: 18th April, 18th July, 14th February
London: 16th May, 14th August, 14th November
Manchester: 13th June, 12th September, 12th December
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Pondergrove’s course objective is to help your business managers, from all functional areas of your organisation, obtain the skills necessary to design and develop effective management systems. Key to the course is Pondergrove’s unique five key principles for developing successful management systems. These five principles demand that a management system be:

  • Accessible
  • Easy to use
  • Based around the business
  • Dynamic
  • Measurable

This method has proven successful for organisations in both the public and private sectors and will form the cornerstone of the work conducted throughout the course.


  • Ability to design an effective information security management system
  • Write effective policy and procedure documentation
  • Apply modern technology to make the management system easy to access and use
  • Successfully plan implementation and operation of your management system
  • Use the management system to bring about operational improvements

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